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Based in Henley-on-Klip, Midvaal, 20 years in the industry has seen our growth from a food distributor to a food processing house as well. We manufacture and distribute our food products to all avenues of the food industry including but not limited to restaurants, takeaways, butcheries etc…

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From small beginnings in 1999 we have grown into a second generation family run distribution and production house. Through our passion and care the last 22 years has seen our distribution base grow from local clients to throughout Gauteng and it’s immediate environ. 

Having started out selling a wide range of products into the food market, we finally focussed on our own brand.

• Henleys Pure Sunflower Oil

• Henley’s Palm Oil

• Henley’s Perfect Fry (Palm Oil & Sunflower Oil Blend)

 Praised for the quality of our oils from reputable suppliers, requests to increase the basket resulted in further quality products of:

• Vinegars

• Mayonnaise

• Bake release

Spices and sauces followed.

The opportunity arose to purchase a small production company 3 years ago which added another dimension to our portfolio. We currently manufacture:

• Cabanossi range

• Boerewors sausages

• Burger Patties

• Russians

• Cheese Russian

• Diced Bacon

• Pork Loin Chops

And so much more!